Libro gratuito di fiabe moldave in inglese

Libro gratuito di fiabe moldave in inglese

Dopo le favole indiane di ieri oggi abbiamo un libro gratuito di fiabe moldave in inglese. Si tratta di un volume relativamente recente che si trova online disponibile a tutti. Se non vi interessano le storie, potete sfogliare il libro per vedere le illustrazioni che sono piuttosto belle.

In ogni caso si tratta di una lettura interessante anche per chi non ha un inglese molto avanzato, le storie sono anche interessanti perché parte di una cultura di cui conosciamo relativamente poco.

Potete comunque scaricare qui il libro in formato .pdf. epub o per il Kindle. Sempre gratis naturalmente.

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Once upon a time there lived an Emperor who had no 
children. Then a rumor went round, from mouth to mouth, 
from ear to ear, that if the Empress walked through the 
Blue Grey Wood, along an untrodden path early in the 
morning, where the dew was still untouched, she would 
have a child. The Empress decided to try whether it were 
true what she had heard, and really and truly, after some 
time, she gave birth to a very handsome boy, whom she 
called Break-of-Day. 

Later on the Emperor gave a great christening feast to which all were 
invited, with rich dishes and music and after, as the custom was, he planted 
a tree in the garden. The boy grew and the tree grew too. But they did not 
grow as everybody usually grows. They grew in a gigantic, fantastic way. 
In a month or two the boy grew so quickly that he was already a fine young 
fellow and the tree grew from the earth right up into the sky, so high that 
its top could not be seen.

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